• By Franz Inc.
  • 19 November, 2019

AllegroGraph – KMWorld Readers Choice Finalist

KMWorld 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards: Best Knowledge Graph

AllegroGraph – Finalist

The ability for knowledge graphs to amass information and relationships and connect those facts allows companies to find context in data, which is important for extracting value as well as complying with new data regulations.

The concept of the enterprise knowledge graph (EKG) is fairly new and made possible by machine learning and big data technologies, including automated text analysis and graph engines, explained analyst Amy Stapleton in an Opus Research article. “An IA [intelligent assistant] that taps into an EKG can infer the context and intent of questions, generate direct answers, make recommendations, and automatically expand its understanding as the knowledge graph adds new content,” she noted.

KMWorld Readers Choice

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