Callimachus Framework for Data-Driven Applications

Callimachus is a framework for data-driven applications based on Linked Data principles. Callimachus allows Web authors to quickly and easily create semantically-enabled Web applications.

Callimachus builds on AllegroGraph, and AliBaba (a RESTful object-RDF library) and uses a revolutionary template-by-example technique for viewing and editing resources. One of the interesting aspects of Callimachus is its use of RDFa as a query language; templates are parsed to build SPARQL from RDFa markup and then filled with query results.

Recent Press Coverage,

3RoundStones Execs Discuss SemTech Start-Up Winner Callimachus Enterprise – And The Drive To A Semantic Web Ecosystem

This news article provides a status update on the integration with AllegroGraph in the upcoming Callimachus Enterprise 1.0 release.

Some quotes from the article:

“The role of Callimachus Enterprise in the enterprise environment is to navigate, visualize and provide a platform to build applications of Linked Data. AllegroGraph provides a scalable, robust repository for Linked Data. So when it came time to create Callimachus Enterprise, particularly for paying enterprise customers, we wanted to give them a scalability strategy that not only scaled up on a given computer on a given machine, but also scaled out across a number of machines, so they could deal with very large data sets.”

David Wood, 3RoundStones CTO

“The partnership with AllegroGraph actually was the result of 3RoundStones’ customers telling it that they were already interested in or working with AllegroGraph, and requesting Callimachus Enterprise support those efforts – an encouraging indicator that more companies are seeing the value of semantic web technologies, and of vendors getting their offerings in the space to work well together.”

Bernadette Hyland, 3RoundStones CEO

Read the full article here.

Linked Data Management System, Video Introduction

Building a Callimachus Application Video

A tutorial on building a Callimachus application to create and manage meeting notes.




AllegroGraph support for Callimachus


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