Defense and Intelligence

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  • Franz has been solving complex data problems for the Defense and Intelligence industry for over 30 years, with a rich legacy of working with –

    • US Army
    • US Air Force
    • National Intelligence Agency
    • National Security Agency
    • Foreign government defense agencies in Europe, middle East and Asia
    • DARPA
    • NASA
    • Los Alamos Labs
    • National Counter Terrorism Center

    – in addition to defense contractors and systems integrators including –

    • Raytheon
    • Boing
    • BAE Systems
    • Northrup Grumman
    • Lockheed Martin
    • AT&T
    • Haystax Technology
    • Ness Technology

    These customers have helped drive the skills, expertise and technology advancement for the Franz team. Some of the interesting examples of the use of AllegroGraph include:

    • Track and analyze billions of communication events daily traversing their networks for the Chief of Security
    • Identify people, their social networks and their connectedness across cultural and linguistic backgrounds
    • Activity based intelligence for complex activities and temporal event analysis
    • Fusing select C2 capabilities into a comprehensive, inter-operable system by exchanging imagery, intelligence, status of forces, and planning information
    • Terrorist tracking database integrating dozens of data sources to find patterns of persons of interest
    • Terrorism threat surveillance and warning system to (i) report the threat likelihood of known threat entities, and (ii) serve to discover and report the threat likelihood of unexpected threat entities.
    • Integrating foreign and domestic analysis from across the Intelligence Community (IC) and produce detailed assessments designed to support of the President’s Daily Briefing, National Terrorism Bulletin,  senior policymakers, intelligence, law enforcement, defense, homeland security, and foreign affairs communities.
    • Intelligence to identify and address insider threat issues – as mandated through federal mandates resulting from the Naval Ship Yard incident.

    AllegroGraph’s semantic graph technology is built to handle the most complex data to uncover and predict risk and threats in an international arena.

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