CRM/ERP supply chain and Risk

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  • Supply chain management is a mature technology. ERP and CRM have been essential platforms for most companies that build products. Whether that is a facility in China or the USA, being able to uncover hidden connections in your supply chain can reduce risk and preserve profits.

    What if you have a primary supplier, and a secondary supplier and they both depend upon a common sub-supplier?

    Then mix in political instability, natural disasters, dock strikes, poor product quality, communications failures, currency risks, cyber attacks and even terrorism and pirates. Your risk just went up dramatically.

    Also, today’s supply chain is becoming obligated for the provenance of the products. From labor, to green-practices, endangered species, banned  materials, trade embargoes. It all requires a hig degree of complex data be integrated to reduce supply chain risk.

    AllegroGraph semantic graphs afford a unique method to uncover hidden connections, relate external data sources that can affect your supply chain and connect those to internal corporate application  such as ERP or CRM to predict elevated risks.

    See a demonstration of the use of AllegroGraph in Supply Chain Risk here  – Taxonomies and Ontologies in Supply Chain Risk, Complex Linked Data and Uncovering Patient Risk with Health Sciences. 

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 AllegroGraph turn complex data into actionable business insights