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  • Several application uses in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences have been at the core of Franz’s substantial success within this industry:

    • Integrating complex data in ‘siloed’ repositories – data that is spread across multiple systems both within the company and their supply chain. These data are stored in different and unrelated schemas that challenge traditional database technology and which are ideally suited for AllegroGraph. Examples include:
      • Compound purity verification – for internal and regulatory
      • Drug stability analysis
    • New drug discovery
      • Integration and presentation of experiment data for wet lab work
      • Evolution of information utilized in the drug development and approval cycle
      • Integration of public and proprietary drug discovery information
    • Competitive monitoring
      • Information aggregation from public information to uncover patterns that can indirectly indicate the focus of and direction of their competition
    • Articulation, data management and analysis of computational statistics for personalized medicine

    AllegroGraph’s handling of complex data makes it a supremely flexible and powerful solution within the Life Sciences industry. Pfizer in particular has taken a very aggressive use of AllegroGraph semantic graph database within several applications in their organization – see


 AllegroGraph turns complex data into actionable business insights