• By Franz Inc.
  • 10 November, 2015

Database Trends and Applications article – Franz Updates Graph Analytics Platform with Dynamic Data Visualization

Franz, Inc., an early innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) and a supplier of semantic graph database technology, is releasing Gruff v6.0, the company’s graph Visualization software for exploring and discovering connections within data.

“We’re a company that invests all our revenues into making new versions and customers determine how our products look,” said Jans Aasman, Franz’s president and CEO. “That sounds like a cliché but it’s really true.”

Gruff provides novice users and graph experts with the ability to visually build queries and visualize connections between data without writing code, which speeds discovery and enhances the ability to uncover hidden connections within data.

The new release includes dynamic data visualizations that organize connections between data in views that are driven by the user.

This visual flexibility can instantly unveil new discoveries and knowledge that turn complex data into actionable business insights.

Users can explore graphs in multiple views such as a Graphical View, Tabular View, Outline View, Query View, and a Graphical Query Builder.

Additionally, the combination of Gruff and AllegroGraph, Franz’s semantic graph database technology, allows users to work on Hadoop and will be one of the company’s focal points moving forward. “Gruff is very much geared to help users write very, very complex queries and it helps in doing discovery,” said Aasman.

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