Franz’s legacy is firmly rooted in software compilers, solving complexity, and AI.


An early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Franz Inc. is a leading supplier of Knowledge Graph solutions with Semantic Graph Database technology as the foundation.    We have decades of experience with software compilers so we know software down to the bare metal.  You can expect deep subject knowledge and advanced thinking in how we help you solve your application challenges.

  • AllegroGraph provides a comprehensive ecosystem for developing sophisticated Knowledge Graph applications.

Industry Standard APIs

– JavaScript

– RDF4J (Sesame)
– Apache Jena
– Python
– C#
– Blueprints
– Clojure
– Perl
– Ruby
– Scala
– Lisp

Industry Standard query language

– SPARQL 1.1 -Enterprise language

Industry Standard data input/output

– RDF (Ntriples, Nquads, Turtle, RDF/XML, Trig, Trix)

Industry Standard reasoners, ontology and rules support

– Prolog

Industry Standard REST protocols
Linked Open Data (LOD) for accessing public data sources
Industry Standard text indexing

– Apache SOLR – free text, full text indexing, faceted search

Easy to stand up - AWS Marketplace, Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) or on-premise licensing
Free, fully featured AllegroGraph for download
Enterprise features for production use and performance

– Java connection pooling for high multi-user performance
– True ACID transaction compliance – true two phase commit
– Online backups
– point-in-time recovery
– replication
– warm standby
– transaction auditing

FedShard™ – For Horizontal scalability

Experienced Technical Support
Semantic industry's most advanced data visualization and graphical query builder
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