The AllegroGraph Web View (AGWebView) is a browser based graphical user interface for exploring, querying, and managing AllegroGraph databases.


Using AGWebView you can:

  • Gruff - Now Integrated with AGWebView
  • Browse available catalogs and repositories
  • Create (also delete) a repository
  • Load RDF data into a repository, or into a specific graph of a repository.
  • Configure triple indices for a repository
  • Set up free-text indexing for a repository
  • Issue SPARQL and Prolog queries, which can be saved and reused
  • Walk from query results to related triples and resources
  • View and add namespaces
  • Manage AllegroGraph users and “roles,” and their access to repositories
  • Capture a query as a web URL for embedding in applications
  • Apply Prolog rules and functors to repositories
  • Open sessions for commit and rollback.
  • Activate RDFS++ reasoning on a repository
  • Federate local and remote repositories into a single point of access
  • Open telnet connections to AllegroGraph processes for debugging
  • Plot geospatial query results in a Google Maps display.
Documentation for AGWebView

Video Demonstration


AGWebView with Gruff is included with the AllegroGraph download.

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