Franz’s Technical Support Team has an average of 20 years experience with Franz and 20+ years in the software industry. This dedication means in-depth product knowledge and quick solutions to your inquires.


Assistance with Technical Issues or Bug Reports for all Products:

Please send your technical questions to [email protected]. Please review the Reporting Procedure for suggestions on making a support or bug report. We appreciate as much detail as you can provide to ensure rapid turn-around on your questions.


Documentation and Resources

AllegroGraph Platform Documentation
AllegroGraph Performance Tuning: Find tips on configuring your system.
AGWebView: Wed browser server for AllegroGraph semantic graph database, overview and documentation.
Gruff: AllegroGraph data visualization and visual query builder overview and documentation.
AllegroGraph Tutorials: Tutorials contain examples for working with RDF triples, querying with SPARQL, and much more.
General Semantic Resources: Industry resources
Top Braid Composer: technical information
Sentient Suite: technical information
Semaphore: technical information
DATAmaestro: technical information

General Questions and Comments: For non-technical questions and comments please send email to [email protected].

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