Franz has developed a strong ecosystem that provides software, technology and implementation services to help solve complex data problems and build your Enterprise Knowledge Graph. The AllegroGraph solution stack includes best-in-breed technology that address the many varied systems needed to create complex data related applications. For:
  • ETL: Ontopic, Denodo, and Franz Tools
  • Ontology and Taxonomy: Pool Party, TopQuadrant
  • Knowledge Graph Management: Metaphacts
  • Entity Extraction: Pool Party,  Franz Tools
  • Open Source:  Python, Kafka, Ansible, Ontop, Terraform, NGINX, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

AllegroGraph Ecosystem

PoolParty Semantic Suite – Semantic Web Co.

Semantic Web Company is the leading provider of graph-based metadata, search and analytic solutions. The company is the vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite, one of the most renowned semantic software platforms on the global market. Among many other customers, The World Bank, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, and Pearson benefit from linking structured and unstructured data. In 2018, the Semantic Web Company has been named to KMWorld’s “100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management.” For more information about PoolParty Semantic Suite, please visit


Cloudera Enterprise: Making Hadoop Fast, Easy, and Secure – the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies. Cloudera offers the highest performance and lowest cost platform for using data to drive better business outcomes. Powered by the world’s most popular Apache Hadoop distribution, Cloudera Enterprise lets you focus on results.

Semantic Arts

Semantic Arts exists to help organizations transition to a newly emerging paradigm of information systems based on flexible data structures and deep semantics.



metaphacts GmbH is a Germany-based company empowering customers to build and manage their own knowledge graphs, and extract the most value out of their data, drive transparency and reach smarter business decisions. metaphacts provides the expertise, products and services to build thematically specialized knowledge graph applications in areas such as business, finance, engineering and manufacturing, life sciences, cultural heritage, and more. Built entirely on open standards and technologies, the metaphactory platform follows FAIR data principles and supports knowledge graph management, rapid application development and end-user oriented interaction.



The Greek word ‘atomikos’ means atomic (in the sense of all-or-nothing), referring to this essential property of reliable transaction management. Imagine the uncomfortable feeling of experiencing a crash or bug in production, and not knowing if your data is consistent. Good news for you: Atomikos’ products were designed to easily automate exception handling by canceling all inappropriately performed steps of a failing or failed transaction, even across different databases or systems. So your data is consistent, even if your systems let you down.

Tom Sawyer Software

Visualize Your Connected Data

Tom Sawyer Software produces superior technologies that help customers manage, analyze, and present the relationships in their data in the most intuitive and efficient manner possible. Tom Sawyer Software produces data relationship visualization and analysis software that is designed for use by application developers. Customers have proven that this technology can reduce their development expenses significantly, shorten product cycles, and add substantial new value to their applications.

Tom Sawyer Perspectives is advanced graphics-based software for building enterprise-class graph and data visualization and analysis applications. It is a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) with a graphics-based design and preview environment. Tom Sawyer Perspectives combines the company’s visualization, layout, and analysis technology with an elegant platform architecture. Tom Sawyer Perspectives implements the Tom Sawyer Software data visualization reference architecture.

Lead Semantics

Lead Semantics is uniquely positioned to deliver/integrate the next generation Integrated BI Datawarehouses including the Smart Data lakes which are foundation technology to make the new BI possible. We are a team of AI and Computer Science professionals experienced in delivering large AI, Graph, Semantic technology projects including integration of complex Big Data Engineering processes that feed into BI Datawarehouses and Smart Data Lakes. Our experience spans creation of traditional and Next Generation BI Datawarehouses.

Hiddime, from LeadSemantics, is a Data Analytics Service in the Cloud. It is an easy to use Investigative Discovery and Exploratory Analytics tool (IDEA tool) for the frontline Business Managers and Domain Specialists, who are not necessarily IT experts. A Hybrid Graph Relational store (or Semantic RDF Store – AllegroGraph) undergirds the BI Data Warehouse and retrieval system.


Taxonic is an IT-consultancy with knowledge management as starting point. Our strategy is founded on three pillars: Linked Data, Dynamic Case Management and full spectrum IT-consultancy. Linked Data and Dynamic Case Management are our specializations. We are widely recognized as a leader in these fields. With these specializations, we bring business and IT together, resulting in a robust and flexible information flow that changes as the environment develops.

NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.

NTT DATA Corporation mathematical system was established with the mission of “problem-solving in the real world by the Mathematical Sciences.” MSI’s focus is on 4 areas. Scientific Software – Combining basic methods of mathematical sciences with applied technologies from the fields such as numerical computation and computer graphics, we obtain technology of scientific problems arising in many diverse areas. Computer Science – Our primary interest in the area of computer science lies in UNIX workstations, personal computers, communications, super computing technologies and parallel processing. Internet Solutions – The world of network is ever expanding with limitless possibilities in both business and private life. We offer various technology for internet, intranet, and extranet. We not only combine the existing packages of software but also make programs of special use for various customers. Social Systems – In order to get technology to real world problems, we will apply technologies such as mathematical science, statistics, social engineering, AI and database technology to the problems.


TopQuadrant is a leading semantic data integration company. Our focus has always been on the practical application of this emerging technology to solve business problems. Integrated enterprise information is the foundation for flexible, evolvable, and interoperable solutions needed to support a modern enterprise information infrastructure. Hence our mission: to make information meaningful and by doing that – empower people. Our commitment to semantic web standards has proved to be key to the success on the journey we are on. We have evolved from in 2002 being the first semantic web consulting company in the US to a tools and platform company from 2006-2010, to today’s focus on the key drivers of business success – improving business insight, addressing information governance and providing seamless access to information.

Wroclaw Institute for Spatial Information and Artificial Intelligence

We are developing technologies based on Semantic Web concept – technologies of creation, discovery and exploitation of data which are computer readable. We design and implement a range of Geographic Information Systems using the most current scientific approaches.

Development Partners

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