Allegro CL®

    • Allegro Common Lisp (Allegro CL® – Download) is the most powerful dynamic object-oriented development system available today, and is especially suited to enterprise-wide, complex application development. Complex applications with billions of objects are now made easy with Allegro CL 10.1. The complexity of today’s software applications and the explosion of data size are pervasive in all fields ranging from Life Sciences to Manufacturing to Financial Analytics. Allegro CL 10.1 is the most effective system for developing and deploying applications to solve these complex problems in the real world. For more information, contact [email protected].


Franz’s ACL 10 release is a major advance. It brings true SMP to one of the best programming environments available. All our existing multithreaded applications “just work” and run much faster than before on the same hardware.

Jason Cornez CTO, RavenPack International

Allegro CL 10.1



For additional information on these, and many other new features and improvements, please read the release notes for this major new release of Allegro Common Lisp.


  • Powered by Common Lisp, Allegro CL’s true dynamic object technology allows developers to generate leading edge, mission-critical applications that are robust, extensible, and easy to evolve and deploy.

Minimum Supported Operating System Versions

Allegro CL 10.1 is available on the following operating system versions. The Types are either non-SMP or SMP. SMP is not available on all platforms.

Platform Types available
32-bit Linux (x86) with glibc 2.1 non-SMP, SMP
64-bit Linux (x64) with glibc 2.11 non-SMP, SMP
32-bit Mac OS X 10.9 non-SMP
32-bit Mac OS X 10.9 non-SMP, SMP
32-bit Windows non-SMP, SMP
64-bit Windows non-SMP, SMP
32-bit FreeBSD (x86) non-SMP
64-bit Solaris/AMD non-SMP
32-bit Solaris/SPARC non-SMP
64-bit Solaris/SPARC non-SMP