• By augmenting Knowledge Graphs with visualizations, users can determine insights that would otherwise elude them. Gruff’s dynamic data visualizations increase users’ understanding of data by instantly illustrating relevant relationships, hidden patterns and data’s significance to outcomes. Gruff also helps make data actionable by displaying it in a way that decision-makers can see the significance of data relative to a business problem or solution.

    Gruff enables users to create visual knowledge graphs that display data relationships in views that are driven by the user. Ad hoc and exploratory analysis can be performed by simply clicking on different graph nodes to answer questions. Gruff’s unique ‘Time Machine’ feature provides the capability to explore temporal context and connections within data. The visual query builder within Gruff empowers both novice and expert users to create simple to highly complex queries without writing any code.

  • Gruff is a freely downloadable graph visualization product that makes data retrieval more pleasant and powerful with a variety of features for laying out cyclical graphs, displaying tables of properties, managing queries, and building SPARQL or Prolog queries as visual diagrams.

    Gruff is a browser-based application that does not require a download or application installation. This approach gives users the convenience to access Gruff from anywhere on any type of system, while also simplifying deployment and streamlining updates within enterprise environments. Gruff is integrated with AllegroGraph v7 and is SPARQL Endpoint compliant.

  • “Few tools exist that can quickly turn arbitrary RDF graph pattern matches into clear visualizable results. Gruff is invaluable in turning our knowledge graph data into useful and actionable analytic insights.” - Michael Pool, Global Head of Semantic Modeling and Engineering, Senior Director, BNY Mellon Bank.

    "Nice job on Gruff in a browser and I think this will be a gamechanger.” Louis Rumanes, UnitedHealth Group Research and Development

    "The graphical query interface (in Gruff) is a thing of utter beauty. Thanks for bringing it into the world. With offerings like Prolog graph querying, graph-part reification, etc. I see you folks as unrivaled in semantic graph leadership." - Eric Peterson, Intelligence Community Technologist

    "AllegroGraph has a wonderful tool called Gruff that does a great job of visualizing RDF data itself. You can check each node to see what edges come from it, then visualize the ones you choose, and keep going until you have a nice picture of an interesting subset of your graph." - Dean Allemang in Cool Things I do with RDF

Gruff is a free Knowledge Graph visualization product from Franz Inc.