Gruff is the graph industry’s most advanced data visualization and graphical query builder. Gruff is a freely downloadable graphical triple-store browser that makes data retrieval more pleasant and powerful with a variety of tools for laying out cyclical graphs, displaying tables of properties, managing queries, and building queries as visual diagrams.

Explore a Movie or Healthcare database in the Gruff online Demo below or click here –

Browser Based – AGWebView Integration – Brief Overview Video

Gruff and AGWebView – Gruff and AGWebView Tutorial Video

Embedding Gruff – Gruff Embedded in a browser or your application

No Code Query Editing – Healthcare Data Demo Video

Introductory Tutorial Document

Gruff QuickStart Document

Time Machine Tutorial

Gruff Demo Probabilistic Inference Video

Gruff Documentation


Training Videos 

Introduction Length: 04:17

Managing Triple-stores Length: 07:12

The Graph View Length: 18:53

The Table View Length: 04:19

The Outline View Length: 02:06

The Query View Length: 06:56

Visual Query Builder and Visual Discovery Length: 06:06

http, Control through RESTLength: 04:26

Pictures on nodes Length: 02:09

The Entire Presentation Length: 01:02:58


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 Gruff and AllegroGraph – Visualize and Explore Your Knowledge Graph