• As a global technology and services provider, Franz combines our broad expertise, experience, best practices, tools, methodologies, assets and proven delivery methods with a pragmatic approach to planning and design.
  • Franz recognizes that each organization and project is different. Some have significant resources in house or are working with a preferred systems integrator. They need training, mentoring and solution assurance assistance. Other organizations are looking for a vendor to be responsible for the implementation. Recognizing the different needs, Franz can offer flexible and modular services that can be easily customized.

Our Differentiators:

Franz is one of the few companies that bring Domain, Functional, Tools, and Statistical expertise all under one roof. Franz is in a very unique position of being able to offer bundled services covering – Consulting, Data Services, Business Intelligence, and Analytics.

Leaders in Advanced Data Visualization

  • Dynamic Dashboards and Reportingo
  • State-of-the-art Visualization (Heat Maps, Spider Graphs, etc.)
  • Real-time Data Feeds

Pioneers in Analytics-on-Demand and Hosted Analytics Models

  • Advanced Analytics (i.e. Predictive Modeling)
  • Ad Hoc Request Handling


  • Prompt Engineering
  • LLM and Knowledge Graph Synergies
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Regression Analysis