• By Franz Inc.
  • 26 February, 2019

How Blockchain And Legal Entity Identifiers Are Improving Workplace AI

AI Business quoted Franz’s CEO Jans Aasman:

According to Franz CEO Jans Aasman, another is that “every change that you make with respect to company data” could be stored in blockchain. When reinforced by certain graph database technologies, this aspect of blockchain is ideal for integrating data about those companies to run cognitive computing analytics about them. Sopek referenced “a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to use social media, and dark web, and some other sources, to do their due diligence on people working within organizations” that relies on this method for timely data integrations for analytics. Feeding machine learning models with LEI data integrated on blockchain-based platforms enables comprehensive advanced analytics for understanding customers and partners for regulations and prudent business practices.


Read the full article at AI Business.

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