• By Franz Inc.
  • 24 February, 2021

Maximizing Your Data Fabric’s ROI via Entity Data Modeling

Data fabrics are emerging as the most effective means of integrating data throughout the enterprise. They deliver a single access point for all data regardless of location — whether it’s at rest or in motion. Experts agree that data fabrics are the future of data analytics and management. Gartner recommends:

“Data and analytics leaders must upgrade to a data fabric design that enables dynamic and augmented data integration in support of their Data Management strategy.”

Forrester states that “Enterprise Architecture (EA) pros should use data fabric to democratize data across the enterprise for various use cases.”

However, the adoption rate of data fabrics hinges on the ROI of their use cases. One such use case is to make it easier to do advanced Data Science on available data sources. Currently, extracting machine learning features is an exacting, time-consuming process because relevant data is trapped in silos. Data fabrics and knowledge graphs have a unique, symbiotic relationship because they substantially streamline the processes to extract data from the myriad sources that populate these platforms. Knowledge graphs are key to providing fundamental capabilities enabling data fabrics to accomplish this objective.

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