• By Franz Inc.
  • 6 July, 2023

SEMANTiCs Keynote (Recording) – Dr. Jans Aasman

The SEMANTiCS conference is an annual gathering of technology professionals, industry experts, researchers and decision makers to share and learn about new technologies, innovations and enterprise implementations in the fields of Linked Data and Semantic AI. Since 2005, the conference series has focused on semantic and graph technologies, which are today together with other methodologies such as NLP and machine learning the core of intelligent systems.

Dr. Aasman’s presentation, “The Role of Graphs in AI and Quantum Computing” will describe three emerging technology trends that will impact the Graph community and thought leadership opportunities for these technologies. Dr. Aasman’s talk will cover Knowledge Graph’s role in Natural Language Understanding, Graph Neural Networks (GNN) for predictive AI applications, and the convergence of Graph technologies and Quantum Computing.

Jans Aasman is a Ph.D. psychologist and expert in Cognitive Science – as well as CEO of Franz Inc.  As both a scientist and CEO, Dr. Aasman continues to break ground in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs as he works hand-in-hand with numerous Fortune 500 organizations as well as government entities worldwide.

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