Aggregate queries property graphs can’t handle

Unlike simple property graph technology, AllegroGraph allows you to run highly complex, real-world, aggregate queries. An example:

“Find all in-person meetings that happened in April within 5 miles of Berkeley, California
that were attended by the most influential people of Jack’s friends and friends of his friends.”

This example query utilizes some complex data to represent the concept of Events. This event has:

Event type/characteristic: all in-person meetings, but events could be a text message, a web meeting, a flight, checking into a hotel, etc.

Place: a location, Berkeley, California and a geographic proximity.

Timeframe: a range of dates, or specific moments, for the month of April.

Social relationships: how are people related and connected, influence or are influenced by others.

Semantic graph technology is designed for complex, real world information and to provide substantially greater flexibility than RDB’s, NoSQL or Property Graph. Adding new topics, new types of items, totally new categories, concepts, entities, etc., is instantaneous with semantic graphs – no need for programming new schemas or map new structures. This complete flexible allows information to be organized on-the-fly and be queried instantly.


AllegroGraph turns complex data into actionable business insights