The Semantic Data Lake for Analytics

The scale of Hadoop, the intelligence of AllegroGraph

Many AllegroGraph customers need to process Big Data with complex relationships for advanced analytics and insights. For this need, Franz has developed a patent-pending technology to integrate Hadoop and AllegroGraph. This integration, the Semantic Data Lake, addresses the shortcomings of standard Data Lakes and Data Warehouses. It enables the linking of huge volumes of complex data in disparate silos to support deep analytics and complex queries as massive scale.

The Semantic Data Lake for Analytics solution

The combination of:

  • Hadoop: the unlimited scale and high availability of industry standard Hadoop
  • AllegroGraph: the complex data linking, semantics and graph indexing of AllegroGraph
Overview of Semantic Data Lake – A Data Lake for Analytics

Key Features and Benefits
  • Data linking and integration for internal and external data sources
    • Bring all the data together for better decisions, analytics and answers
  • No schemas to maintain/change
    • Quicker to adapt to ever-changing business needs
  • Semantic index with control vocabularies and taxonomies to bridge data silos
    • Accurate results require consistent management of terms and vocabularies
  • Ingest your data ONCE – and then support any and all new applications
    • Faster time to answers, less expensive to add new data as needs change
  • Secure access control – down to individual entities
    • Increasing business compliance and governance require granular control of information access
  • Consistent and flexible meta-data management
    • Meta-data control enhances the quality of answers and analytics
  • Parallel and federated query processing in SPARQL and Prolog
    • Scalability to handle massive data quickly enough to enhance the value of the information
  • Rules, reasoning and inferencing
    • Find non-explicit relationships to gain better understanding, information and answers
  • Complex data model representation for deep analytics, machine learning, AI, Bayesian belief networks
    • Better business insights, better answers, better analytics
  • Runs on commodity hardware
    • No need for expensive, proprietary hardware. Scales with the ease and cost of Hadoop.
Is your data a fit for the Semantic Data Lake and distributed AllegroGraph?

The Semantic Data Lake with distributed AllegroGraph is available today for a limited set of clients. To take advantage of the platform, the key characteristics of your data and processing needs should include at least one of the following:

  • Event oriented data – including geo-spatial, temporal, social
  • Key/value structured, entity based data
  • 100s of gigabytes to petabytes of data
  • The need to link and integrate –
    • multiple corporate internal data sources, and/or
    • multiple external public or private data sources, and/or
    • multiple silos and types of data
  • Data Warehouses that are not flexible enough to meet end user application needs
  • Existing Data Lakes that are under-delivering for their applications and end users
  • Data sets with mature data taxonomies
  • Constantly changing data sources
  • Constantly changing analytic needs

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