• The emerging paradigm of Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence (AI) stems from the recent efforts to enhance statistical AI (machine learning, LLMs) with the complementary capabilities of Symbolic AI (knowledge and reasoning, Knowledge Graphs). In Neuro-Symbolic AI, Knowledge Graphs are used to guide deep models, while offering a path toward grounding symbols and inducing knowledge from low-level sensory data. Neuro-Symbolic AI aims to demonstrate the capability to (i) solve hard problems requiring cognitive capabilities (ii) learn with significantly fewer data, ultimately for a large number of tasks rather than one narrow task (iii) provide inherently understandable and controllable decisions and actions.

    The version 8 release of AllegroGraph, delivers the industry’s first Neuro-Symbolic AI Platform which integrates Knowledge Graphs, a VectorStore, and Deep LLM Integration.

    AllegroGraph, guides Generative AI content through retrieval augmented generation (“RAG”), feeding LLMs with the ‘source of truth.’ This Knowledge Graph plus LLM approach helps avoid ‘hallucinations’ by grounding the output in fact-based knowledge. As a result, organizations can confidently apply these insights to critical decision-making processes, secure in the knowledge that the information is both reliable and trustworthy.


  • AllegroGraph for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
    Knowledge Graphs combined with Large Language Models (LLMs) have emerged as the path forward for Enterprise AI applications. Industry analysts have recognized the transformative power of Knowledge Graphs in delivering integrated, trusted, and real-time views of enterprise data. Knowledge Graphs excel at creating a source of truth that unifies business data with knowledge bases, industry terms, and domain knowledge.

    Knowledge Graphs, such as AllegroGraph, provide structured knowledge models that explicitly store rich factual knowledge. By incorporating Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) via Knowledge Graphs, users can enhance the accuracy and reliability of AI applications, ensuring that they are grounded in fact-based knowledge.

  • Curating Knowledge Graphs
    AllegroGraph's 'LLMagic' empowers users to harness the power of LLMs to build and curate Knowledge Graphs, future-proofing your Knowledge Graph investment. By integrating primitive, low-level operations, AllegroGraph seamlessly integrates the LLM into the Knowledge Graph. The potential creations that can be constructed using these foundational components are in their infancy and AllegroGraph provides the accelerant to help you build the next generation of AI applications.

  • Enterprise Document Deep-insight
    AllegroGraph's built-in VectorStore capabilities, provides seamless integration of your Enterprise documents with your Knowledge Graph. This unique feature enables users to unlock the wealth of knowledge contained in the company's documents by allowing users to query the content of this once "Dark-data". In addition, AllegroGraph includes the provenance of the answer provided so you know your decisions are based on facts and not hallucinations.

    AllegroGraph's deep-insight on your documents provides a comprehensive view of data, allows the business to gain richer insights from proprietary data which empowers informed decisions and drives business success.

  • Overview Video to learn more about Neuro-symbolic AI and AllegroGraph.


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