October 12, 2011

MongoGraph is an effort to bring the Semantic Web to MongoDB developers. We implemented a MongoDB interface to AllegroGraph to give Javascript programmers both Joins and the Semantic Web. JSON objects are automatically translated into triples and both the MongoDB query language and SPARQL work against your objects.

Join us for this webcast to learn more about working on the level of objects instead of individual triples, where an object would be defined as all the triples with the same subject. We’ll discuss the simplicity of the MongoDB interface for working with objects and all the properties of an advanced triplestore, in this case joins through SPARQL queries, automatic indexing of all attributes/values, ACID properties all packaged to deliver a simple entry into the world of the Semantic Web.

View a recording of the event here – 30 min.

Download the presentation slides here

View the demonstration portion only – 10 min.