RDBs and NoSQL technical comparison

There are many benefits to the semantic graph database approach. Perhaps the most unique is the ability to infer or understand the meaning of information. With complex data semantic technology can link new information automatically, without manual user intervention or the database being explicitly pre-structured.

This automatic linking is particularly powerful when fusing data from inside and outside company databases, such as corporate email, documents, spreadsheets, customer support logs, relational databases, government/public/industry repositories, news feeds, customer data, social networks and much more. In traditional relational databases this linking involves complex coding, data warehouses and heavy pre-processing with exact a priori knowledge of the types of queries to be asked. It is still extremely inflexible to change and very costly to maintain.

AllegroGraph simplifies this issue by using the data to self-define the schema at the time of ingest into AllegroGraph. With this inherent flexibility, AllegroGraph is then able to connect concepts, properties, and entities across multiple databases and without further coding to extract new, actionable business insights from your data.

A simple comparison of the different technologies


AllegroGraph turns complex data into actionable business insights