The Entity-Event Data Model puts core ‘entities’ such as customers, patients, students or people of interest at the center and then collects several layers of knowledge related to the entity as ‘events’.

Read this white paper to learn more about building Entity Event Knowledge Graphs.


knowledge graph

The ability for knowledge graphs to gather information, relationships, and insights—and connect those facts—allows organizations to discern context in data, which is important for extracting value as well as complying with increasingly stringent data privacy regulations.


Knowledge Graphs link together data of any variety, structure, or format in business terms via uniform data models. Organizations can then join and traverse all of their data, semantically tagged with unique machine-readable identifiers, making the platform ideal for intelligent systems, machine learning analytics, interoperability, and an array of other benefits influential for AI applications.


This new world of technologies— combined with new ways of looking at the vast resource data offers—means a wealth of opportunities for not only growth in database environments, but also the growth of career for data managers.


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