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  • About the Business Solution

    AllegroGraph is a database technology that enables businesses to extract sophisticated decision insights and predictive analytics from their highly complex, distributed data that can’t be answered with conventional databases.

    Unlike traditional relational databases or more recently developed NoSQL databases, Franz’s product AllegroGraph employs a combination of semantic and graph technologies that process data with contextual and conceptual intelligence. AllegroGraph is able to run queries of unprecedented complexity to support predictive analytics that help companies
    make better, real-time decisions.

    About the Technology

    The AllegroGraph database is a modern, high-performance, persistent, semantic graph database. AllegroGraph uses efficient memory management in combination with disk-based storage, enabling it to scale to billions of triples/quads while maintaining superior performance. AllegroGraph is W3C/ISO standards compliant and supports SPARQL 1.1, RDFS++, SPIN and Prolog rules and reasoning directly and from numerous client applications.

    Key Features
    Key Benefits
    New Features
    High-performance Storage
    Powerful and Expressive Reasoning and Querying
    Geo-spatial, Temporal and Social Network Analysis
    Enterprise Features
    Other powerful features
    Compatible Semantic Technologies
    System Requirements


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    Behind the Tech

    What do semantic graph databases do that relational databases can’t?
    RDF & JSON-LD – Where do they fit in and why are they important ?
    Linked Open Data and your data
    Graph Only (Property Graphs) vs Semantic Graph
    Semantic Graphs – a simple example:  it seems like magic, but it is science.
    What is the Semantic Graph technology key advantage?
    Why would I need a semantic graph database to solve business problems – a simple overview
    Semantic graphs – flexibility for ever changing data and for climbing an ice wall
    Complex data, complex queries that simple Property Graph databases can’t handle

 AllegroGraph turns complex data into actionable business insights