• Franz Inc. offers a variety of events where AllegroGraph users can network with other developers and learn about latest developments.


Recorded Webcasts

Date Topic Panelists Duration
06/10/2020 Improving Data Processes With Knowledge Graphs – Data Summit Conference 60 minutes
05/14/2020 Webinar – Visualizing and Exploring Knowledge Graphs with the New Browser based Gruff 60 minutes
05/05/2020 Webinar – Scalable Knowledge Graphs using the New Distributed AllegroGraph 7 60 minutes
04/07/2020 Stanford – CS 520 – Knowledge Graphs 90 minutes
10/23/2019 Webinar – The Knowledge Graph that Listens Jans Aasman 60 minutes
09/19/2019 Webinar – Advanced Knowledge Graphs using SHACL and JSON-LD Jans Aasman 60 minutes
03/27/2019 Recorded Webcast – Why is JSON-LD Important to Businesses? Jans Aasman 60 minutes
03/28/2018 A Jupyter Notebook for Learning AllegroGraph (Bonus n-Dimensional GeoSpatial) Jans Aasman 12 minutes
03/22/2018 Navigating Time and Probability in Knowledge Graphs Jans Aasman 41 Minutes
08/23/2017 A Time Machine for your Graph Jans Aasman 32 Minutes

Past Conferences and Product Seminars