• By Franz Inc.
  • 12 August, 2019

Webinar – The Knowledge Graph that Listens

Taxonomy driven speech recognition using AllegroGraph

Enterprises that are building Knowledge Graphs are rapidly getting a grip on unstructured data with current advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.   But there is still a large mass of unstructured data that is untapped and that is spoken conversations with customers. Speech to text for general purpose conversations (e.g. Google, Alexa, Siri) have proven themselves in the market to be highly accurate.  However, speech recognition technology for domain specific industries with lots of product names, industry lingo, and acronyms often creates a challenge for accuracy and usefulness of the content.

In this Webinar we will demonstrate how taxonomy driven speech recognition helps solve these industry specific terminology challenges for real-time voice capture and how this process augments an Enterprise Knowledge Graph for customer insights.

October 23, 2019

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