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  • 12 June, 2020

Improving Data Processes With Knowledge Graphs – Data Summit Conference

Improving Data Processes With Knowledge Graphs
Wednesday, June 10

Knowledge graphs are on the rise at enterprises hungry for more effective ways to connect the dots between the data world and the business world. Paired with complimentary AI technologies like machine learning and NLP, knowledge graphs are enabling new opportunities to leverage data not possible before and are quickly becoming a fundamental component of modern data systems. Attend this session to learn how you can use these technologies to change the game at your company.

Entity Event Knowledge Graphs for Data Centric Organizations

Dr. Jans Aasman’s Presentation

To support ubiquitous AI, a Knowledge Graph system will have to fuse and integrate data, not just in representation, but in context (ontologies, metadata, domain knowledge, terminology systems), and time (temporal relationships between components of data). Building from ‘Entities’ (e.g. Customers, Patients, Bill of Materials) requires a new data model approach that unifies typical enterprise data with knowledge bases such as industry terms and other domain knowledge.

The Entity-Event Data Model we present puts core entities of interest at the center and then collects several layers of knowledge related to the entity as ‘Events’. Using this novel data model approach, organizations gain a holistic view of customers, patients, students, or important entities and the ability to discover deep connections, uncover new patterns and attain explainable results.

During this presentation we explain and demonstrate how Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs are the future of AI in the Enterprise.


Knowledge Graphs and AI: The Future of Enterprise Data

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