• By Franz Inc.
  • 8 January, 2024

Allegro CL v11 – Now Available! – The Neuro-Symbolic AI Programming Platform

We are excited to announce the release of Allegro CL v11, a significant update to Franz Inc.’s renowned Common Lisp development environment. This latest version is specifically designed to cater to the growing demands of AI technologies and complex problem-solving applications.

Key Features of Allegro CL v11:

Integration with Large Language Models (LLMs): This new feature enables developers to harness the power of advanced language models, opening new frontiers in AI development.

Enhanced Knowledge Graph Capabilities: Through AllegroGraph, Allegro CL v11 offers superior Knowledge Graph and VectorStore functionalities, crucial for managing complex data relationships in AI applications.

Support for AWS Graviton Processor: This enhancement ensures Allegro CL v11 runs efficiently on the latest cloud infrastructure, offering increased performance and scalability.

New Lock-Free Hash-Table Implementation: This improvement boosts the performance of data structures, ensuring faster and more efficient data processing.

Native Support for Apple Silicon: Allegro CL v11 is now fully compatible with the latest Apple hardware, providing a seamless experience for users on all platforms.

Allegro CL has always been at the forefront of AI development, and version 11 continues this legacy. Its focus on Neuro-Symbolic AI and the introduction of these new features make it an indispensable tool for AI professionals.

We invite you to explore these new capabilities and see how they can enhance your AI projects. Download our free version today.

Learn more in the Release Notes.


“Franz has further advanced its industrial-strength Common Lisp platform with the release of Allegro CL 11. Impressive ARM support on both Mac and Linux means switching architectures is painless. Internally, hashtables and sorting are measurably improved. ACL 11 is a great platform for development professionals,” said Jason Cornez, CTO of RavenPack.

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