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  • 8 February, 2016

AllegroGraph Certification on Cloudera Enterprise Creates a Semantic Graph Data Platform for Hadoop

Leading Accountable Care Organization Gains Sophisticated Decision Insights from Complex, Distributed Big Data Using AllegroGraph and Cloudera Enterprise

OAKLAND, Calif. — February 8, 2016 — Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Semantic Graph Database technology, today announced the availability of AllegroGraph 6, the leading Semantic Graph Database with certification on the latest release of Cloudera Enterprise through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program (CCPT). AllegroGraph is the first Semantic Graph Database to be certified on Cloudera Enterprise, the global provider of the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies.

The combination of AllegroGraph and Cloudera Enterprise eases the integration of highly complex Big Data, including large public datasets, and enables real-time analytics across distributed data, while leveraging the world’s highest performance and most cost effective storage. Enterprises can run queries of unprecedented complexity to enable predictive analytics and real time decision-making within a myriad of industries including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Intelligence/National Security and Publishing. The hardened platform can run mission-critical applications that require uncompromised data resiliency using features like ACID compliance to ensure data is never lost.

“As the availability of large public datasets continues to rise, many organizations are looking to leverage these datasets to enrich enterprise analytics,” said Tim Stevens, vice president of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera. “A semantic graph approach to data sets provides a viable method to gleaning additional insights from data.”

“Today’s Big Data challenge is also a Cognitive Computing challenge,” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. “We need to combine unstructured data with structured data to fuel real-time analysis, predictive analytics and deep learning. But the ease of data integration largely depends on the type of database. With the Semantic flexibility of AllegroGraph, integrating databases is a virtually effortless, since the data can remain in its original databases and database designers do not have to create a schema up front. This capability is particularly valuable if organizations want to tap into the growing number of public datasets to enrich their analytics.”

The powerful combination of AllegroGraph and Cloudera plays a critical role in the Semantic Data Lake for Healthcare, a collaboration between Montefiore Health System (The leading Accountable Care Organization in the U.S), Franz, Cloudera, Cisco and Intel to provide a scalable and extensible Big Data Analytic platform for Healthcare. The SDL for Healthcare is a shared vision between Montefiore Health System and Franz, for constructing longitudinally integrated, semantically enriched, scalable and secured analytics infrastructure necessary for next generation learning healthcare systems, and precision medicine. The SDL deploys Montefiore’s innovative informatics solutions on Franz’s AllegroGraph and Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution, and enables modelers, data scientists and application developers to leverage complex information, biomedical knowledge-bases and ontologies, as well as the linked open data (LOD) for predictive modeling, care management, population and community health management, health systems research, and clinical and translational research.

“The Semantic Data Lake for Healthcare will help us to connect the dots to better understand the determinants of outcome, cost, and patient satisfaction in a complex ecosystem in which patients and clinicians interact with each other, with the delivery of care system, and with the research enterprise,” said Dr. Parsa Mirhaji MD. PhD., Director of Clinical Research Informatics at Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System. “The problem is, there are billions of such dots that needs to be connected meaningfully, and reproducibly. The complexity is that there are many different principles, pathways, and theoretical frameworks on how those dots would connect, and we just don’t know which model or framework would yield the best answer. The SDL will enable us to address both the complexity, and scalability concerns efficiently, while maintaining a tight grasp on the semantic integrity and consistency of analysis over large, multi source, ever changing datasets.”

Dr. Mirhaji added, “The SDL embodies Montefiore’s incremental and measured approach towards Cognitive Computing in healthcare. Our ability to conduct real-time analysis over new combinations of data, to compare results across multiple analyses, and to engage patients, practitioners and researchers as equal partners in big-data analytics and decision support will fuel discoveries, significantly improve efficiencies, personalize care and ultimately save lives.”

“Information has always existed everywhere but has often been isolated, incomplete, unavailable or unintelligible,” according to Gartner. “Advances in semantic tools such as graph databases as well as other emerging data classification and information analysis techniques will bring meaning to the often chaotic deluge of information.” (Source: Gartner Identifies the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2016.)

AllegroGraph has been widely recognized and endorsed within the industry as the popularity of Graph databases has skyrocketed – growing nearly 500% in the past two years. In 2015 AllegroGraph was named a Leading Database Solution by CIOReview and awarded Best in Semantic Web Technology & Leader in Graph Database Products by Corporate America. This year, PharmaTech Outlook has named Franz a Top Ten Solution Provider.

“Franz has been leading the burgeoning Graph Database revolution with a highly sophisticated, yet elegant Semantic Graph database solution,” said Harvi Sachar, Publisher & Founder, CIOReview. “Franz’s AllegroGraph continues to break new ground in predictive analytics and visual graph discovery capabilities- benefiting organizations around the globe within Healthcare, Intelligence/National Security, Life Sciences and Financial Services.”

About AllegroGraph

Unlike traditional relational databases or Property Graph Databases, AllegroGraph employs semantic graph technologies that process data with contextual and conceptual intelligence. AllegroGraph is able run queries of unprecedented complexity to support predictive analytics that help organizations make more informed, real-time decisions. AllegroGraph is the first Graph Database to support analysis across N-dimensions – any conceivable measurement of an object, property or operation. AllegroGraph can analyze temporal (time) and geospatial (location) dimensions relative to any ‘event,’ such as a disease, drug interaction, genetic combination, biomarkers, observations, image or physical sensors. AllegroGraph is utilized by dozens of the top Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

About Franz Inc.

Franz Inc. is an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Semantic Graph Database technology with expert knowledge in developing and deploying complex Big Data analytics solutions. AllegroGraph, Franz’s flagship, high-performance, transactional, and scalable Semantic Graph Database, provides the solid storage layer for Enterprise grade NoSQL solutions. AllegroGraph’s Activity Recognition capabilities provides a powerful means to aggregate and analyze data about individual and organizational behaviors, preferences, relationships, plus spatial and temporal linkages between individuals and groups. For additional Franz Inc customer success stories please visit:

Franz’s Professional Service team is in the business of helping companies turn Data into Information and Information into Knowledge. We combine Data, Business Intelligence, and Analytics consulting services under one roof for our customers. Franz, an American owned company based in Oakland, California, is committed to market-driven product development, the highest levels of product quality and responsive customer support and service. Franz customers include dozens of Fortune 500 companies and span the healthcare, government, life sciences and telecommunications industries worldwide. Franz has demonstrated consistent growth and profitability since inception.

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