• By Franz Inc.
  • 5 November, 2023

Enterprise AI World – Using Knowledge Graphs & Data Fabric as a Pillar for AI

Hype or no hype, organizations have seen a significant spike in capabilities around advanced knowledge engineering and AI abilities thanks to advancements in higher computing and abundance of open source solutions such as OpenAI (ChatGPT), and other large language models (LLMs). Data fabrics are emerging as the most effective means of integrating knowledge throughout the enterprise, and experts agree these fabrics are the future of enterprise analytics and AI. However, many organizations continue to face challenges in realizing the promise of AI. For many organizations, one of the top reasons why AI projects get stalled, despite leadership support, is the lack of clear strategies for sourcing the right knowledge and data that AI requires, ultimately resulting in their inability to explain how AI arrived at a certain decision. Using real-world examples, our speakers share their experiences, ideas, and applications of knowledge graphs and semantics in AI, as well as the benefits they offer to organizations seeking to leverage the power of enterprise AI. Join this fast-paced session for lots of tips and ideas.

Dr. Jans Aasman will be presenting at Enterprise AI World.

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