• By Franz Inc.
  • 4 October, 2021

Franz Inc. Named to KMWorld’s Trend Setting Products of 2021

AllegroGraph Underpins Flexible AI Knowledge Fabrics

Lafayette, California, October 5, 2021 — Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Graph Database technology for Knowledge Graph Solutions, today announced it has been named to KMWorld’s Trend Setting Products of 2021. Underscoring Franz’s technology leadership in Graph-based AI, the company’s Knowledge Graph Platform, AllegroGraph, was relied upon for market research in leading analyst reports, including Forrester’s Now Tech: Multimodel Data Platforms and the Gartner Case Study: Entity-Event Knowledge Graph for Powering AI Solutions (Montefiore).

“Important trends in knowledge management – AI, natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge graphs, blockchain, and low- and no-code development – are shaping the capabilities of products and services for 2021 and beyond,” said Tom Hogan, Jr., Group Publisher of KMWorld. “But although cutting-edge approaches are emerging, established solutions are also evolving with new capabilities, resulting in a wealth of choices for companies looking to leverage their information resources more efficiently. To help showcase these innovative offerings, KMWorld magazine is presenting the Trend-Setting Products of 2021.”

“Franz Inc. is continually innovating and we are honored to receive this acknowledgement for our efforts in setting the pace for Knowledge Graph Solutions,” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz Inc. “We are seeing demand for Intelligent Data Fabrics take off across industries along with recognition from top technology analyst firms that Knowledge Graphs provide the critical foundation for Data Fabric solutions.  AllegroGraph 7 with FedShardä uniquely provides companies with the foundational environment for delivering Graph based AI solutions with the ability to continually enrich and contextualize the understanding of data.”

“Graph relates everything,” according to Gartner. “Graphs form the foundation of many modern data and analytics capabilities to find relationships between people, places, things, events and locations across diverse data assets. D&A leaders rely on graphs to quickly answer complex business questions which require contextual awareness and an understanding of the nature of connections and strengths across multiple entities. Gartner predicts that by 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations.” (Source: Gartner Press Room, Gartner Identifies Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2021, March 16, 2021.)


“You can use multimodel data platforms (MMDPs) to become significantly more productive, deliver consistent and trusted data across applications and insights opportunities, and support modern business applications quickly,” said Noel Yuhanna, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester. “But to realize these benefits, you’ll first have to select from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus.” (Source: Now Tech: Multimodel Data Platforms, Q1 2021)

As Gartner Analyst Mark Beyer explains in his report titled, Graph Steps Onto the Main Stage of Data and Analytics: A Gartner Trend Insight Report, “Graph technology has played a small but powerful role in advanced analytics for more than two decades. Now that digital business has introduced expanded tools, platforms and techniques, data and analytics leaders can also leverage graph for data science, metadata management and data management.”

About AllegroGraph

AllegroGraph is a breakthrough graph-based platform that allows infinite data integration through a patented approach unifying all data and siloed knowledge into an Entity-Event Knowledge Graph solution that can support massive, big data analytics. AllegroGraph’s FedShard feature utilizes patented federated sharding capabilities that drive 360-degree insights and enable complex reasoning across a distributed Knowledge Graph.


Knowledge Graph Technology and Services

Franz’s Knowledge Graph Solution includes both technology and services for building industrial strength Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs based on best-of-class tools, products, knowledge, skills and experience. At the core of the solution is Franz’s graph database technology, AllegroGraph with FedShard is utilized by dozens of the top Fortune 500 companies worldwide and enables businesses to extract sophisticated decision insights and predictive analytics from highly complex, distributed data that cannot be uncovered with conventional databases.

Franz delivers the expertise for designing ontology and taxonomy-based solutions by utilizing standards-based development processes and tools. Franz also offers data integration services from siloed data using W3C industry standard semantics, which can then be continually integrated with information that comes from other data sources. In addition, the Franz data science team provides expertise in custom algorithms to maximize data analytics and uncover hidden knowledge

About Franz Inc.

Franz Inc. is an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Graph Database technology with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Knowledge Graph solutions. The foundation for Knowledge Graphs and AI lies in the facets of graph technology provided by AllegroGraph and Allegro CL. AllegroGraph is a graph based platform that enables businesses to extract sophisticated decision insights and predictive analytics from highly complex, distributed data that cannot be uncovered with conventional databases. Unlike traditional relational databases or other NoSQL databases, AllegroGraph employs graph technologies that process data with contextual and conceptual intelligence. AllegroGraph is able run queries of unprecedented complexity to support predictive analytics that help organizations make more informed, real-time decisions.

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