• By Franz Inc.
  • 8 January, 2024

Franz Introduces Allegro CL v11, the Ultimate Neuro-Symbolic AI Programming Platform

Allegro Common Lisp Gains LLM Integration, Enhanced Knowledge Graph and Vector Capabilities via AllegroGraph

LAFAYETTE, Calif. — January 8, 2024Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a leading supplier of Common Lisp (CL) development tools and Knowledge Graph solutions, today announced Allegro CL v11, which includes key performance enhancements now available within the most effective system for developing and deploying applications to solve complex problems in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

“The rapid adoption of Generative AI (LLMs) is fueling heightened demand for guided, fact-based applications which is  significantly impacting applications in traditional AI industries like national defense, as well as in life sciences, manufacturing and financial analytics,” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. “The complexity of today’s software applications coupled with the explosion of data size requires a highly versatile and robust programming language. With Allegro CL v11, machine intelligence developers now have a high-performance tool to scale their applications and deliver innovative products to market.”

There has been a remarkable surge  in Artificial Intelligence technologies, prompting MarketsandMarkets to estimate the artificial intelligence (AI) market to be worth $150.2 Billion in 2023, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 36.8% from 2023 to 2030.

The combination of Allegro CL and AllegroGraph offer a unique and powerful, dynamic Artificial Intelligence development system that is especially well-suited for enterprise-wide Neuro-Symbolic AI applications.  Merging classic AI symbolic reasoning, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Knowledge Graphs empowers Franz’s customers to deliver the next wave of advanced AI applications.

“Franz has further advanced its industrial-strength Common Lisp platform with the release of Allegro CL 11. Impressive ARM support on both Mac and Linux means switching architectures is painless. Internally, hashtables and sorting are measurably improved. ACL 11 is a great platform for development professionals,” said Jason Cornez, CTO of RavenPack.

“Financial professionals rely on RavenPack for its speed and accuracy in analyzing large amounts of unstructured content. RavenPack’s clients use news analytics to enhance returns, reduce risk or increase efficiency by systematically incorporating the effects of public information in their models or workflows.” stated Dr. Aasman. “Allegro CL’s new capabilities will continue to facilitate Ravenpack’s low latency text and sentiment analysis that they deliver as a real-time data feed.”

“Common Lisp remains one of the best languages for Artificial Intelligence applications, its flexibility enables rapid experimentation and deployment,” said Professor Ken Forbus, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University. “Today’s Lisp compilers are robust and flexible allowing development entirely within Lisp or in combination with other languages. For example, our CyclePad system for helping engineering students learn thermodynamics is written entirely in Allegro CL. Similarly, our sketch understanding system, CogSketch, which is a novel platform for both cognitive science research and education is primarily written in Allegro CL with two modules in C.”

“For several years now, Triton has been harnessing the extraordinary power and flexibility of Common Lisp, and more specifically the Allegro CL platform, to research and rapidly develop cutting-edge approaches for the implementation of advanced embedded AI prototypes,” said Panos Lekkas, VP – AI Systems, at Triton Systems, Inc. “With Allegro CL 11, this superbly integrated development platform continues to evolve with many powerful and handy new capabilities.”

New features and updates in Allegro CL 11 include:

* LLM Integration

* Knowledge Graph and VectorStore capabilities via AllegroGraph

* AWS Graviton4 Processor Support a 64-bit ARM port that is specifically designed for Amazon Linux

* New extensible lock-free hash-table implementation

* Native port to Apple Silicon

* Plus hundreds of additional enhancements and updates; see the Release Notes for details

About Lisp

Lisp is one of the first high-level symbolic AI programming languages and continues to be widely used today. Lisp was created as a practical mathematical notation for computer programs and quickly became the favored programming language for artificial intelligence (AI) research. The most widely known general-purpose Lisp dialects are Common Lisp and Scheme. Allegro CL is the Common Lisp platform developed and sold by Franz Inc.

Conference Presentations

The Knowledge Graph Keynote will be delivered by Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz Inc. at the Data (+AI) Day on January 27, 2024.  Presentation Title – “Beyond Human Oversight: The Rise of Self-Building Knowledge Graphs in AI” –

Dr. Aasman will be presenting “Using Knowledge Graphs and LLMs for Deep Entity Exploration” on March 27, 2024 at Enterprise Data World 2024 –

About Franz Inc.

Franz Inc. is an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a leading supplier of Graph Database technology with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Knowledge Graph solutions in combination with LLMs.

Franz’s Neuro-Symbolic AI platform, AllegroGraph, guides Generative AI content through RAG, feeding LLMs with the ‘source of truth.’ This innovative approach helps avoid ‘hallucinations’ by grounding the output in fact-based knowledge. As a result, organizations can confidently apply these insights to critical decision-making processes, secure in the knowledge that the information is both reliable and trustworthy.

AllegroGraph provides organizations with essential Knowledge Graph capabilities, including Large Language Models (LLMs), Graph Neural Networks, Graph Virtualization, GraphQL, Apache Spark graph analytics, and Kafka streaming graph pipelines. These capabilities exemplify AllegroGraph’s leadership in empowering data analytics professionals to derive business value from Knowledge Graphs.

Allegro CL and AllegroGraph are utilized by dozens of the top Fortune 500 companies worldwide.