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  • 15 July, 2017

Franz’s Gruff Adds “Time Machine” Feature for Temporal Graph Analytics

Gruff and AllegroGraph Power Time Based Visual Graph Search for Banking, Healthcare, Pharma Discovery and Security Applications

OAKLAND, Calif. — July 25, 2017 — Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Semantic Graph Database technology for Knowledge Graphs, today announced Gruff v7.0, the industry’s leading Graph Visualization software for exploring and discovering connections within data. Gruff provides novice users and graph experts the ability to visually build queries and explore connections as they developed over time. The new time slider feature speeds discovery and enhances the ability to uncover hidden relationships within time based data.

“Gruff’s new ‘Time Machine’ feature provides users an important capability to explore temporal connections in your data,” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. “Users can see how relationships are created over time and are able to replay the evolving graph for new temporal based insights.”

Gruff v7.0 produces dynamic data visualizations that organize connections between data in views that are driven by the user. This visual flexibility can instantly unveil new discoveries and knowledge that turn complex data into actionable business insights. Gruff was developed by Franz to address Graph Search in large data sets and empower users to intelligently explore graphs in multiple views including:

  • Graphical View with new “Time Machine” feature – See the shape and density of graph data evolve over time
  • Tabular view – Understand objects as a whole
  • Outline view – Explore the often hierarchical nature of graphs
  • Query view – Write Prolog or SPARQL queries
  • Graphical Query Builder – Create queries visually via drag and drop

At Intel’s recent launch event for Xeon Scalable Processors, Gruff and AllegroGraph were featured as part of the Semantic Data Lake for Healthcare. A collaboration with Franz Inc., Montefiore Medical Center (the eighth largest hospital in the U.S.), and Intel to provide a scalable and extensible Healthcare platform designed for Accountable Care and Personalized Medicine initiatives.

“Making sense out of big data is a challenge, particularly in the healthcare industry where information comes from a variety of sources and in different forms including structured, unstructured, images, temporal, geo-location and signal data,” said Dr. Aasman, “With Gruff as part of the Semantic Data Lake platform, we can perform visual data exploration to discover new relationships between data that can save lives and improve care.”

Franz was recently recognized by Database Trends and Applications as one of “The Companies That Matter Most in Data“, due in part to the unique discovery capabilities offered by the combination of Gruff and AllegroGraph, Franz’s Graph Database technology.

Bloor Research recently positioned AllegroGraph as a “Champion” and highest ranked product in its class. “AllegroGraph is the highest ranked product in its class, and, thanks to Gruff, it was rated as the easiest product to use.” – Bloor Research

Gruff 7.0 Availability

Gruff is available as a free download from the AllegroGraph website. The product runs on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux and is offered as a standalone application or client-server for remote users.

Franz Inc. will host a Webcast on August 23th at 10AM PST, “A Time Machine for your Graph” which will demonstrate the power of Gruff’s new ‘Time Machine’ feature. In this webinar we will explore the temporal aspects of events using a set of practical examples from healthcare, government intelligence, the world of finance, and real estate. Register for the Webcast.

About AllegroGraph

AllegroGraph is a database technology that enables businesses to extract sophisticated decision insights and predictive analytics from highly complex, distributed data that cannot be uncovered with conventional databases. Unlike traditional relational databases or other NoSQL databases, AllegroGraph employs semantic graph technologies that process data with contextual and conceptual intelligence. AllegroGraph is able run queries of unprecedented complexity to support predictive analytics that help organizations make more informed, real-time decisions. AllegroGraph is utilized by dozens of the top F500 companies worldwide.

About Franz Inc.

Franz Inc. is an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leading supplier of Semantic Graph Database technology with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Knowledge Graph solutions. The foundation for Knowledge Graphs and AI lies in the facets of semantic technology provided by AllegroGraph and Allegro CL. The ability to rapidly integrate new knowledge is the crux of the Knowledge Graph and Franz Inc. provides the key technologies and services to address your complex challenges. Franz Inc. is your Knowledge Graph technology partner.


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