• By Franz Inc.
  • 26 June, 2018

Using AI and Semantic Data Lakes in Healthcare – FeibusTech Research Report

Artificial intelligence has the potential to make huge improvements in just about every aspect of healthcare. Learn how Montefiore Health Systems is using semantic data lakes, architectures, and triplestores to power AI patient-centered learning. With origins in post-9/11 municipal emergency projects, Montefiore Health Systems platform – called PALM, short for patient-centered Analytical Learning Machine – is beginning to prove itself out in the Intensive Care Unit, helping doctors save lives by flagging patients headed toward respiratory failure.

Intel and Montefiore in collaboration with FeibusTech have released a Research Brief covering Montefiore’s PALM Platform (aka – The Semantic Data Lake) powered by AllegroGraph.

“Just atop all the databases is what’s known as a triplestore, or triple, construct. That’s a key
piece of any semantic data architecture. A triple is a three-part data series with a common
grammar structure: that is, subject-predicate-object. Like, for example, John Smith has hives.
Or Jill Martin takes ibuprofen.”

“Triples are the heart and soul of graph databases, or graphs, a powerful, labor-saving approach
that associates John and Jill to records of humans, hives to definitions of maladies and Ibuprofen
to catalogues of drugs. And then it builds databases on the fly for the task at hand based on
those associations.”

Read the full article on Intel’s website to learn more about healthcare solutions based on AllegroGraph.


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