• By Franz Inc.
  • 20 February, 2018

Graph vs. Semantic Graph Databases – Selecting the Right Database for Your Next Project

A frequent question for Semantic Technology vendors: “Why use an RDF triplestore, why not a general Graph database or some other NoSQL option?” This presentation discusses the criteria for selecting the appropriate database for your application.

With the surge in interest around “Graph” technologies there is a need for understanding the tradeoffs for various Graph based technologies. There is a whole set of use cases where Graph technologies make the most sense for application success. This presentation will explore the technical and business reasons to consider a Graph Database, RDF Database, or hybrid Graph/NoSQL. We will discuss a set of real world applications for Graph technologies and explore a number of criteria to consider for proper database selection, a few are noted below:

Selection criteria:

(1) Do you need to model knowledge or assets and you literally have to deal with thousands of objects that have different feature sets?
(2) Do you add or change object definitions on a nearly daily basis?
(3) Do you need to do do recursive graph search on your data or you need to do complex pattern matching?
(4) Do you have to deal with innumerable one to many or many to many relations and you need to index them all?

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