• By Franz Inc.
  • 6 November, 2023

AllegroGraph Named “2023 Best Knowledge Graph” by KMWorld Readers’ Choice

Franz Inc., is proud to announce it has been named the “Best Knowledge Graph” in the 2023 KMWorld Readers’ Choice Award voting.

According to KMWorld,  Technologies such as knowledge graphs, cloud computing and storage, data mesh and data fabric, chatbots, natural language processing, machine learning, and, most recently, generative AI (GenAI) have come to the forefront in our attempts to manage the myriad formats and knowledge silos rampant within organizations.

Business practices are changing fast, and so are knowledge management offerings. To put the spotlight on the innovative and dependable products and services that KMWorld readers depend on, the publication presents the KMWorld Readers’ Choice Award winners. After all, who best to know what products serve them best as they wrestle with so many changes happening so quickly?

In the November 2023 issue, KMWorld magazine announces the winners of the 2023 KMWorld Readers’ Choice Awards. The categories for competition were wide-ranging. In all, there were 13 areas in which products and technologies could be nominated and ultimately voted upon. They include business process management, cognitive computing and AI, customer service and support, e-discovery, knowledge graphs, text analytics, and NLP.

With the diverse array of knowledge management products, services, and technologies to consider, and the stakes getting higher for information-driven success, it can be challenging to make the right choices. There are many ways to learn more about what is available, including white papers, research reports, and webinars, as well as consulting with experts and peers. We hope the KMWorld Readers’ Choice Awards list provides an additional resource to help make the job of identifying solutions to investigate easier.


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