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  • 1 September, 2017

Montefiore Semantic Data Lake Tackles Predictive Analytics

Montefiore Medical Center is preparing to launch a sophisticated predictive analytics program for crisis patients, which is rooted in its real-time semantic data lake technology.

Semantic computing is becoming a hot topic in the healthcare industry as the first wave of big data analytics leaders looks to move beyond the basics of population health management, predictive analytics, and risk stratification.

This new approach to analytics eschews the rigid, limited capabilities of the traditional relational database and instead focuses on creating a fluid pool of standardized data elements that can be mixed and matched on the fly to answer a large number of unique queries.

Montefiore Medical Center, in partnership with Franz Inc., is among the first healthcare organizations to invest in a robust semantic data lake as the foundation for advanced clinical decision support and predictive analytics capabilities.

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