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  • 1 September, 2017

Semantic Big Data Lakes Can Support Better Population Health

From HealthIT Analytics –

As healthcare providers navigate the treacherous transitional waters of Stage 2 and try to predict how future regulations will shape their actions, the need to lay the groundwork for advanced population health management and accountable care is only becoming clearer.

No matter what the outcome of debates about the future course of the EHR Incentive Programs, one thing remains abundantly clear for organizations of all shapes and sizes: advancements in healthcare big data analytics will not be driven solely by rules and mandates, but by the pressing financial need to collect, corral, understand, and leverage information in order to refine and expand population health management techniques.

Developing the underlying architecture for value-based reimbursement, namely a strong framework for population health management, data governance, and big data analytics, is becoming a top priority for a growing number of providers looking to get a head start on the new realities of healthcare reform.

These organizations, like Montefiore Medical Center, are looking for cutting edge analytics tools which won’t just help them meet the clinical and financial stresses of today’s environment, but will also prepare them for the uncertain paths ahead.

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