• By Franz Inc.
  • 7 October, 2020

Sharing Ontologies Globally To Speed Science And Healthcare Solutions – OntoPortal

International Ontology Sharing Is Becoming A Reality

A consortium of researchers recently formed an organization dedicated to standardizing how scientists define their ontologies, which are essential for retrieving datasets as well as understanding and reproducing research. The group called OntoPortal Alliance is creating a public repository of internationally shared domain-specific ontologies. All the repositories will be managed with a common OntoPortal appliance that has been tested with AllegroGraph Semantic Knowledge Graph software. This enables any OntoPortal adopter to get all the power, features, maintainability, and support benefits that come from using a widely adopted, state-of-the-art semantic knowledge graph database.


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As Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc. explains, “When building a Knowledge Graph as your enterprise’s single source of truth, it’s critical to include ontologies and taxonomies. AI applications and complex reasoning analytics require information from both databases and knowledge bases that contain domain information, taxonomies, and ontologies to solve complex questions. To make this possible, we developed a novel hybrid sharding technology called FedShard, which facilitates the combination of data and knowledge required by applications like Montefiore’s PALM. But this approach is not unique or specific to Healthcare, it is applicable in many other industries, which is why we are excited about OntoPortal’s plans to bring sharing of domain ontologies to a broad audience.”





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